Weight loss: 15 things to change in your attitude

In addition to following a good diet and practicing physical activity, it is important to have a good mind to lose weight. Discover the 15 habits you need to change to get there.

Exercise and eating well are essential for optimal weight loss. But in order for it to be effective and last over time, you also need to use the right behavior.

Often after dieting for a longer or shorter period of time, the weight gain that follows can be more important than losing. And this is usually caused by a bad habit.

The goal if we want to lose weight is not to tire of leaving ourselves with everything that makes us happy. You should choose the diet that best suits you. And for that you must first know yourself. In addition, psychologist and clinician Eudes Séméria assures that “Weight loss is not anecdotal.


Many experts are interested in the effect of thinking on weight gain and weight loss. And the most important thing to have the desired result is to have confidence in yourself.

Because when you have self-confidence, you set fewer barriers while leaving yourself a larger margin of error, without feeling guilty, which reduces stress and allows you to lose weight without it being distracted. of the head.

Learn to be harder on yourself, and you will lose weight without even realizing it!

Weight Loss: Top 20 Appetite Suppressant Foods

One of the ways to lose weight easily is to eliminate snacks. And to help you discover the 20 best appetite suppressant foods.

The problem that a huge number of people trying to lose weight have in common is the snack. Because improving your diet is accessible to everyone, risky, minimal motivation and voila, but the fight against your hunger is almost impossible for everyone.

Many people know this but snacking between meals is very discouraging, even about weight gain but also simple for our body, because in general during the craving we tend to consume too much sweet or high calorie foods which are completely ineffective for those looking to lose weight.

But there is a solution here: edible food suppressants!


You may have noticed this, but sometimes you are only hungry 1 hour after your meal and other times you can go more than 3 hours without feeling even the slightest urge to eat. The explanation for this? Fibers!

The fibers present in our diet give our body a feeling of lasting satiety as it slows down the digestive process. Thanks to them, any desire for nibbling is forgotten!

Proteins also have a strong edible power.

If even after incorporating these appetite suppressant foods you feel a slight nibble between meals, do not panic. Just choose one of the foods from this list and make it your snack. This way you will have a healthy and filling snack!

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